Verein Schweiz. Lederindustrie-Chemiker und -Techniker

                                                                                                                                             Association Suisse des Chimistes et Techniciens du Cuir

                                                                                                                                             Assoziazione Svizzera dei Chimici e Technici per l’Industria del Cuoio

                                                                                                                                             Association of Swiss Leather Chemists and Technologists


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The VESLIC Award at IULTCS 2013 Istanbul


Determination of antioxidant properties of commonly used vegetable tannins and their effects on preventation of Cr (IV) formation


The VESLIC Award at IULTCS 2013 Valencia

Ms Li Yun (third from the left)

Synthesis of Vinyl Polymer /ZnO Nanocompositive via in-situ Polymerisation and its Application


The VESLIC Award at IULTCS 2009 Beijing

 Ms Ren Longfang

Preparation of Novel Aminated Collagen Peptide and Evaluation of Its Formaldehyde Removal to Leather


The VESLIC Award at FLAQTIC 2008 Rio de Janeiro

Ms Aline Dettmer

Recovery of chrome contained in ashes of leather residue incineration.


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